Farm Fresh! From Your Yard to Your Table…….: Recetas de cocina japonesa

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The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker (and The Vegetable Maker)

Before the days of interstate highways and super mega magnum marts any town with more than one stop sign was almost self sufficient. The space between towns and villages were filled with farms that dotted the landscape. The farmers were smart in that they located towns to supply the communities that surrounded them. Today we think Wal-Mart is ingenious for doing the same thing!

Homes all had gardens that were sized according to how large the family was. That time for for gardens at every home is here again. Fresh wholesome food delivered from your back yard to your table.
The reasons do not matter. You may be a weekender in a small town who wants fresh herbs or produce from the back yard of your weekend home. Or you may be struggling to pay high energy prices and looking for a way to save a little green by growing something green.
That’s where «Your Back Yard Harvest» comes in. I will work with you to design, build and even go so far as to provide regular harvesting services so your produce is washed and waiting at your door step when you arrive. Or if you just want a little advice along the way let me be your green thumb consultant.

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